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Cycles of Healing

Are you parenting a child who has survived severe trauma? Are you a worker trying to help a child others have labeled as “hopeless”? On June 2, 2008, Dr. Ronald Federici presented innovative ways to work with the most difficult cases at the third annual Cycles of Healing conference. Tennessee Adoption Support and Preservation welcomed Dr. Federici to Knoxville, where he presented an all-day workshop entitled “Assessing and Treating the Hopeless Cases: Innovative Strategies for Recovery from Trauma.”

Dr. Ronald Federici is the Clinic Director and Supervisor of the Neuropsychological & Family Therapy Associates in McLean, Virginia. He is regarded as a national expert in the neuropsychological evaluation and treatment of children with multi-sensory neurodevelopmental impairments. Dr. Federici is also the father of seven adopted children.

Dr. Federici has worked abroad in institutional settings for over a decade, and leads a team of international adoption medicine experts. He has appeared on multiple television shows, and has been the focus of numerous publications regarding children with severe developmental and emotional disorders.

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